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Haunted Houses – 14 Friedman Street

Many years of neglect, heavy debts to the city and criminals taking over the property helped to transform this big abandoned site to a petri dish saturated with glorious graffiti art, improvised skating structures, field labs for dubious chemical experiments, a habitat for a large community of bats and vandals of all sorts.

The original owner of the property is probably the country real estate fund. In the midst of the 80th the fund leased the place to two privet owned companies that used to rent is to local business, until the end of the 90th. Eventually the buildings were too worn out for use, and the companies, with a huge debt to the city, couldn’t find the money for renovation. With most of the property empty, criminals took over and used the place for their own purposes. Ten years later, and countless of court hearings, the building and warehouse at Friedman 14 are about to collapse, and this huge land that stands just in the middle of a very successful business area is now completely dedicated to the dark lords of the urban derelicts. Compared with the last owners of the property, that didn’t do much to maintain their assets; the place is now a prosperous ghost center that keeps changing all the time.

The series ‘Haunted Houses’ investigate the stories and mysteries of abandoned houses. The name of the city was purposely wiped out – the haunted houses are part their own ghost town. You are welcome to raise your own memories of the house and its surroundings.

Camera and editor: Yaniv Berman

Thanks: Amir Kreizberg & Guy Salach

Music: Roar by Michael Giacchino

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Haunted Houses – 7 Harav Kook Street

Haunted Houses – 7 Harav Kook Street

An abandoned house is standing empty for many years at Harav Kook Street. The series ‘Haunted Houses’ will investigate about the stories and mysteries of abandoned houses.

Camera and editor: Yaniv Berman

Music: Gad Emile Zeitune

ברחוב הרב קוק ישנו בית אחד, שעומד נטוש כבר שנים רבות. גדר ישנה עם צבע מתקלף, שער נעול ותיבת דואר מעץ – שתמיד ריקה. הצמחייה בחצר עולה על גדותיה ומכסה את השביל המוביל אל דלת הכניסה. מישהו גר כאן פעם. יום אחד אזרתי אומץ והחלטתי להתקרב ולבדוק. לקחתי איתי את המצלמה, שתמיד נוטעת בי ביטחון ומאפשרת לי לעשות דברים שככה לא הייתי מעז.

הסדרה בתים רדופים מבקשת לבדוק מקרוב את סימני החיים שנותרו באותם בתים נטושים, ומה הסיפור שמסתתר מאחוריהם.

צלם ועורך: יניב ברמן

מוסיקה: גד אמיל זיתון, מתוך הסרט “שלום פלוגה א”

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