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Haunted Houses – 53 HaBanim Street

Giva’at Hod boarding school, known also by the name “The Girl house”, spreads on a land bought in the 30th by the municipality of Tel-Aviv from Nahum Shiffer, one of the founders of Hadar Village. Children expelled from schools or broken homes in the area of Tel-Aviv were sent there for education and discipline. In 2003 the municipality of Tel-Aviv closed the place for good. After seven years of fighting between contractors and local activists, the regional committee decided that 22 acres will be preserved as a park for the benefit of the residents and that the old structures will be saved and reconstructed as a museum. The rest of the area (more than 130 acres) will be flatten and designated for residential buildings.

The series ‘Haunted Houses’ investigate the stories and mysteries of abandoned houses. The name of the city was purposely wiped out – the haunted houses are part their own ghost town. You are welcome to raise your own memories of the house and its surroundings.

Camera and editor: Yaniv Berman

Thanks: Idit Busnach

Music: Piume Di Cristallo by Ennio Morricone

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