Scenes from Films

Like chapters in a book, a movie is structured from scenes. Different from a book, where the author decides how he wants to divide his narrative, a movie scene is usually a one continuously chain of events happening in one place and at a specific time. It starts with a cut between a shot taken in a different place, time or both, and ends with a cut taking a jump in the narrative into a new place, different time or both. Sometimes a scene can be only one, very short shot, and in different cases it can be constructed of many shots, a few parallel events and have a very long duration.

A good scene is a story within the big story that can be viewed within the context of the whole narrative and also tell us something new which is added to the bigger picture.

In this journal I’ll write about a few very wonderful scenes which I believe capture the essence and the magic of the movies they’re taken from.

“The Incident” by Larry Peerce (1967)

“Crimes and Misdemeanors” by Woody Allen (1989)

“Sunshine” by István Szabó (1999)





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