My Photographic Time Tunnel

Altix V

Canon AE-1

Hasselblad 500C/M

Kiev 4AM

Leica I

Miranda Sensorex

Olympus Pen EE-3

Rolleiflex Original Standard

Voigtländer Brillant

Yashica Lynx 5000E

Zorki 4

9 responses to “My Photographic Time Tunnel

  • John Powell

    What a fascinating story that was begging to be told. You have done a wonderful job. And I think you may continue with this story, and with this old Rolleiflex. Now I will start looking at other entries in your photographic time tunnel.
    Thank you for contacting me. I feel like I’ve found a golden “photographic” nugget!

  • John Powell

    The truth is that there must be thousands of untold stories relating to one of the most legendary cameras of all time: The Rolleiflex and Rolleicord. I hope that your website and blog will encourage others to delve into this fascinating time tunnel. The Rolleiflex was used by men and women from all walks of life: Rich, amateur, professional, movie stars, doctors, lawyers, engineers. You name it. The list goes on and on. No one knows how many images were recorded with the Rolleiflex cameras, but it must be in the billions. And although the time tunnel deals with history, we should also remember that Rollei’s are used every day-today. And no doubt they will be used well into the future. I’m sure that the history of Rollei will go well beyond 100 years. I encourage you to continue your quest to uncover more stories for your photographic time tunnel. Could there be a feature movie in this?

    • Royalrat

      A feature? Wow, now you’ve really blown my mind! I guess you already have an idea. If you do, I’m more than willing to hear it. I think it could be fascinating. Please write me about it.

  • John Powell

    A feature movie! Just an idea at the moment. Perhaps one day in the future YOU could make it happen. I have now posted a link to your website on my website. If you would prefer not to have the link, just let me know. However, I did it because I believe your time tunnel deserves to be seen more.

  • John Powell

    I just revisited your time tunnel. Once again it inspired me. I particularly like the story, photos and video of the 1932-35 Rolleiflex. You did a wonderful job of lovingly having the Rollei serviced. And then you followed up with some really nice photos. And last but not least, a video. I wonder how many people have seen this website? Best wishes again. John.

    • Royalrat

      Thank you John, I appreciate your comment. I’m not sure how many people have seen the Rolleiflex post, but I’m sure the Rollei fans will eventually find it.

  • John

    It’s not only the Rollei, but you have done an excellent job on the other cameras too. It’s quite a unique way of approaching it. Best wishes. John.

  • Neil Kesterson

    As a camera collector myself, I enjoy the stories behind a camera. I want to know about the hands it was in, the light that it captured, the memories it made. Nice storytelling, Yaniv.

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