Crowd Funding Land of the Little People

After a lot of work we’ve launched our crowd funding campaign!!!

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2 responses to “Crowd Funding Land of the Little People

  • Mickey Oberman


    You have produced such wonderful and beautiful projects in the past.
    Why do you feel compelled to make films that cast Israelis in such a bad light?
    I refer to your “The Alpha Diaries” and now “Land of The Little People”.

    Israel has a difficult enough time projecting its inherently good image to the world without Israelis – you for one – feeding negative images to its enemies to be used as anti Israel propaganda.

    Israel has always been a loser in the propaganda war and these negative films, especially coming from Israelis, do nothing good in its everlasting battle.

    • Royalrat

      Dear Mickey, I know you love Israel and as a Jew you probably identify with the idea of Israel, not only as a country but also as an ideal. As for me, a citizen of this country, one that serves in the IDF (Regular service from the age of 18 and reserve service up until this day) I see it differently. For me it’s not a Zionist dream but a reality. And in this land there are many flaws and wrong conceptions. I see it as my duty to criticize what is wrong. You are free to do so in your own country, and I should do so in mine. Our culture is overpowered by militarism (as in many other countries) and it’s corrupting the way we think and the way we solve our difficulties. And more important then that, it corrupt the minds of our children. I’m not saying Israel should stop defending itself. At least once a year I wear the uniform and stand for service. I’m saying that we as Israelis should see how we’re manipulated to think and behave as if we are haunted. Israel is a strong country with a strong army. Yes, we have many enemies, but we are free people and we should think freely and say what we think is wrong. It’s wrong what we are doing to the Palestinians. It’s wrong that we build our identity around religion. It’s wrong that we plant anger and hatred in the mind of out youth. These things, among others, should change. My movie is all about that. I don’t care if people will try to use it against us. We are stronger then that. But it might help us to see our lives a little different and maybe acknowledge that in order to be better and stronger we should take a different path.

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