Jem’s Beer Factory Project

(Jeremy Walferd pouring us another beer)

Lately I had the pure pleasure to make a video for Jem’s beer factory. It was part of a project for XNET I did with my friend Yaniv Zangi, but Jem’s turned to be much more then a regular subject. First, because they are such  wonderful people, and second because they have a very diverse collection of fabulous beers! You are welcome to watch the clip and feel the bitter-sweet taste tingling your tongue… If you come around, let me know and we’ll go for a drink.

I want to thank Brady Harris, Cool Cavemen and Caméléon for contributing to the soundtrack.

Production: Yaniv Zangi

Photography & Editing: Yaniv Berman

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7 responses to “Jem’s Beer Factory Project

  • Cardinal Guzman

    You should make a film about Goldstar too 🙂

    • Royalrat

      I should… but the big breweries are not the same. But I love Goldstar!

      • Cardinal Guzman

        You’re right: big breweries are not the same. My friend used to brew his own beer – 100 liter each time. We always had great parties when the beer was ready. Everyone paid whatever they felt like paying for a beer and he always ended up with more money than what he had spent.

  • Mickey Oberman


    Being a diabetic I do not drink beer or any alcoholic beverage and fruit juice only in a hypoglycemic emergency.

    Being born in Canada I only speak English. Except for a few words I learned in 1991 at Julis I don’t understand Hebrew.

    Being a human being I thoroughly enjoyed this short movie for the happiness and joy it portrayed and passed on to me, the viewer.

    Thanks once again. Yaniv.

    Mickey Oberman

    • Royalrat

      Thanks Mickey,
      When are you coming for a visit? A few more words in Hebrew might do you good… Where is Julis (do you mean the military base?). I really should translate this video. Thank you for enjoying the film-making.

  • Jeff Baumgart

    Nice documentary, now I’m thirsty! What a great job those guys have! What kind of lighting did you use, or was it all just natural light?

    • Royalrat

      Thanks! It’s all natural light. Today, using DSLR, it’s easier to shoot without lighting equipment. Though in some cases lighting was needed, and for the night shooting at the bar I should have used a lens with a larger aperture…

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