The Alpha Diaries


On April 2002 I started my photographic journey with Alpha company. The holiday just began and we all had our plans for the free days to come. But after a shocking terrorist attack on Passover eve, the government issued a special order to recruit the reserve units and send them into the Palestinians towns. The military operation was called “Defensive Shield”. My regiment was sent into Bethlehem, where we fought for three weeks. When I had my first chance to take the camera with me I started filming our actions, and I kept doing it for 5 years.

In 2007 I took all the stock of footage and made it into a documentary called “The Alpha Diaries”. This documentary was shown on television channels all over the world, and participated in many film festivals. Now I made a new HD copy of the movie and placed it on YouTube for everybody to watch and to experience how it is to leave everything and become a soldier for one month, every year.


Producer: Avi Kleinberger

Director: Yaniv Berman

Editor: Ronit Porat, Gabi Shihor

On-Line: Serg Bezrukoff

Music: Gad Emile Zeitune

Camera: Yaniv Berman

Stills and more video footage: Omri Takoa

Sound Design: Michael Goorevich


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4 responses to “The Alpha Diaries

  • dp

    “Raw, edgy & hard hitting!” Awesome movie… I can now relate to when some of my Israeli colleagues would take off for “miluim” in the middle of work… but would never talk about what they did during the time when they got back. BTW there are a couple of screens where the background is white and the subtitles aren’t visible (for people like me who don’t speak Hebrew)

  • Aris Paul Montoya

    Just watched ‘The Alpha Diaries’. Ran across it by pure accident. I am Jewish and a former photographer in Arizona US. As a photography enthusiast, I wanted to tell you I was ‘Captivated’ by the imagery of your film as well as its content. I have seen countless documentaries/visual logs in my time and this stands out. Will be exploring your website and looking forward to future photographic/video projects from you. Shalom

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